Biased Based Profiling Policy

Commitment to Do the Right Thing

Because bias-based profiling undermines legitimate law enforcement efforts and fosters distrust of law enforcement in the community, this Department has taken a proactive stance on prohibiting such actions. As officers perform their duties, it is imperative that they afford all citizens the constitutional and fundamental right to equal protection under the law. Officers who are found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to corrective actions.

Policy on Bias-Based Profiling

 It is the Department's policy to patrol proactively, aggressively investigate suspicious persons and circumstances, and actively enforce the laws of the State of Florida and the ordinances of the City of Miami Gardens. At the same time, this Department insists that citizens will only be stopped or detained when there exists reasonable suspicion to believe they have committed, are committing, or about to commit an infraction of the law. 

Protecting the Community 

Law enforcement officers are required to use skills developed through observation, training, and experience in order to identify suspicious circumstances, unusual occurrences, and violations of law (municipal ordinance, criminal, and traffic), and to act according to the situation. We contact people who, according to our training experience and knowledge, are in a place or acting in a way to make us believe that a crime was committed, is about to be committed, or is in the process of being committed. This proactive approach aids in the detection and apprehension of criminals, maintaining the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, and protecting our community's citizens from crime.

Bias-Based Profiling

Bias-based profiling occurs when, whether intentionally or unintentionally, an officer applies his or her own personal, societal, or organizational biases or stereotypes when making decisions or taking police action, and the ONLY reason for the decision or action is because of a person's race, ethnicity, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, culture, or other personal characteristics, rather than due to the observed behavior of the individual.

We hope that by making the community aware of our policy on bias-based profiling will foster a better understanding of this Department's commitment to its community and our efforts against the practice of bias-based profiling. If you feel you have been the victim of bias-based profiling, please contact the Professional Compliance Division at (305) 474-1678 to make a complaint. 

We appreciate your interest in the Miami Gardens Police Department