Professional Compliance Unit


The Professional Compliance Unit is responsible for accepting complaints regarding allegations of misconduct or unlawful activity against departmental employees. The Professional Compliance Unit's Commander reviews every citizen complaint. If the complaint is of conduct that would violate police procedures or laws, the Professional Compliance Unit will conduct the investigation. Minor complaints are forwarded to the employee’s Division for investigation; however, the Professional Compliance Unit will monitor all investigations. If a crime is alleged, the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office will be contacted as part of the investigation.


The objective of the Professional Compliance Unit is to ensure the integrity of the Miami Gardens Police Department and to protect the public, through fair, thorough, and proactive investigations of alleged police misconduct. To accomplish this goal, the Professional Compliance Unit has established a system of internal review. The Miami Gardens Police Department is interested in the welfare of all citizens, and in taking proper action when employees are proven negligent in their duties and/or are guilty of wrongdoing. Our citizens can be confident they will receive a fair and thorough investigation. The Miami Gardens Police Department employees are dedicated individuals who are diligently performing their duties in an effort to better serve our community.

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