Training Unit


The Training Unit provides department members with quality, contemporary training that serves to enhance their performance, knowledge, skills, and abilities. This enables us to provide more effective and efficient police service to our community and promote each officer’s personal safety and well-being. In order to accomplish these objectives, we conduct comprehensive in-service training on an ongoing basis. Some of the High-Liability topics covered during these sessions include Firearms Proficiency, Defensive Tactics, Pursuit Driving and Scenario-Based Practical Applications. The Training Unit also supervises the academy training of new police cadets and offers periodic community educational programs for local businesses, schools and neighborhood crime watch groups.


The goal of the Miami Gardens Police Department Training Unit is to provide departmental personnel with the training necessary to meet the Department's mission, Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s standards and reduce liability to the City, Department, and personnel. To meet this goal, the Training Unit plans, develops, coordinates, and implements training programs; while maintaining training records on all personnel.