Vendor Registration

The City of Miami Gardens Office of Procurement Management is pleased to announce a partnership with "BidSync," an electronic bidding notification and procurement system. BidSync enables suppliers and vendors to identify, respond to, and potentially win bid opportunities with the City of Miami Gardens.

How Do I Register to Become a Vendor?

Vendors can complete the registration process online with BidSync in just a few minutes. We encourage vendors to register "free" with BidSync to receive solicitation notifications and respond to our solicitations. Although BidSync offers a subscription service for a fee ("LinksPlus"), it is not required to do business with the City of Miami Gardens.

To register as a vendor, visit

Creating an Account

  1. Register as a vendor for free
  2. Select "Free Registration," enter your email address and a password, must have at least eight characters with at least one letter and one number
  3. and Select "Create Account."

Vendor Assistance

Vendors can also receive assistance in completing their registration process by calling BidSync at 800-990-9339, option 1, option 1. Vendors can begin viewing solicitations immediately and BidSync will confirm registration within 24 hours.

Already Registered

If already registered, log onto BidSync's website at and select "My Account" and enter email and password.

Did You Previously Register Your Email Address With Us?

Vendors are now required to register on BidSync. We transferred your information to BidSync and BidSync notified vendors to complete the free vendor registration process. You now must manage your profile for solicitation notifications through BidSync.

How Do I Receive Notifications in BidSync?

To receive notifications of City of Miami Gardens' solicitations, vendors must ensure their "Bid Notification" settings are updated in BidSync to receive "Municipality Agency Notifications." Additionally, review your firm's NIGP classifications in BidSync, to include as many as applicable to your business to ensure you receive as many notices as possible.

If solicitation NIGP classifications match your vendor's profile, you will receive an email notice when the solicitation is advertised. To continue to receive notifications on a specific solicitation after the initial advertisement email or to receive notices on any other solicitation, a vendor must perform one of the four actions listed below in order to continue to receive notifications on a specific solicitation after the initial advertisement email:
  1. Select "Add to My Bids"
  2. Turn on notifications for the solicitation by selecting "Notify me about this Bid."
  3. Ask a question on the solicitation through the Q&A section in BidSync for the solicitation.
  4. Accept or View a solicitation document in BidSync

BidSync Frequently Asked Questions

You asked - we answered! Frequently Asked Questions on BidSync and the City of Miami Gardens' website are available.

BidSync offers a Customer Solutions Center, which includes announcements and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Here are some of their top FAQs available from the Customer Solutions Center: