Golf Instead Of Guns Program

Purpose & Overview

The City of Miami Gardens Youth Golf Initiative “Golf Instead of Guns” is a nine (9) lesson program targeting youths grades 3-5 through the Soul Model/Teacher friendly curriculum that is taught by police officers.  It offers step-by-step lessons to introduce the game of golf and bring social and emotional learning, critical thinking and resilience building exercises easily into elementary schools. Through “Golf Instead of Guns” and Project Happiness, not only are we satisfying standards, but we are also supporting the well-being of vulnerable youth.


  • Must be a student in the 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th grades at one of the participating elementary schools in the City of Miami Gardens.
  • Approval by the Chief of Police.

How to Get Involved

Submit a request to the City of Miami Gardens Police Department Community Enrichment Team contact person.