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Victim Advocate Unit


The Victim Advocate Unit was created to assist victims of crime and next-of-kin of homicide victims navigate the criminal justice system and apply for services provided by the Victims of Crime Act. These services include financial assistance with medical bills, burial and funeral home expenses and counseling services amongst others. The Victim Advocate Unit is comprised of two certified victim advocates.


The objective of the Victim Advocate Unit is to make contact with all victims of crime and next-of-kin of homicide victims and successfully guide them through available services and the application process.

Unit Command Staff

Commander Gary Smith

Commander Smith has been with the Miami Gardens Police Department for 9 nine years. He has been assigned to the Special Victims, Robbery-Homicide and Professional Compliance Units. He was promoted to Commander of the Investigation Division in January 2016. He has 28 years of prior experience with the Miami-Dade Police Department assigned to Uniform Patrol, Robbery, and Narcotics, as an officer, and the Professional Compliance Bureau and Homicide Bureau as a Sergeant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make contact with the Victim Advocate Unit?
Our advocates review crime reports daily and start making telephone or mail contact. You may also contact them directly by calling 305-474-1674 or 305-474-1490.

2. What types of services are available?
Financial Assistance for funeral expenses and medical bills, psychological counseling and other services are available through the Victim of Crimes Act.

3. How do I apply for these benefits?
Our advocates will assist you in preparing the application and obtaining all the necessary crime reports for submission.

4. I was a victim of a crime several months ago. Is it too late to apply for benefits?

No, but you must apply or benefits within a year from the date of the crime.

5. Are the Victim Advocates available to explain the benefits at group events?
Yes, they can be contacted by calling 305-474-1674 or 305-474-1490.


Commander Gary Smith
Phone: 305-474-1511
Email: [email protected]
Address: 18611 NW 27 Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33056