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Crime Scene Investigations Unit


The Crime Scene Investigations Unit responds to all major scenes to accurately describe the scene and collect all items of evidentiary value. All members have received specialized training in evidence collection and processing. Evidence collected is transported to the Crime Scene Laboratory where specialized processing is performed on collected items. Latent Fingerprint evidence is processed by the Department’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and performed by certified latent print examiners. A supervisor and five technicians comprise the Crime Scene Investigations Unit.


The objective of the Crime Scene Investigations Unit is to collect forensic evidence that will lead to the arrest of an offender and a successful prosecution in Court.

Unit Command Staff

Crime Scene Supervisor Willard Delancy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my home is burglarized, will crime scene respond right away to process my home for fingerprints?
Depending on the description of the scene, a Crime Scene Investigator will respond right away if available, if not they will contact you to arrange a date and time. The responding officer will advise you on how to preserve the area to be processed.

2. What are the working hours of the Crime Scene Unit?
The Miami Gardens Police Crime Scene Unit has two shifts. The day shift hours are from 6am to 4pm, the afternoon shift is from 3pm to 1am.

3. What calls do Crime Scene Investigators respond too?
Crime Scene Investigators respond to homicides, shootings, burglaries, robberies, auto thefts, and police involved shootings.

4. What kind of processing does the Crime Scene Unit perform?

They document crime scenes with photography, and preparing sketches. They collect evidence in which they can process to locate DNA and Fingerprint evidence. Crime Scene Investigators do not interview witnesses nor do they make arrests, but the evidence they present to the courts can help get a conviction.

5. How long does it take to process the scene of a residential burglary?
The length of time is dependent on the amount of ransacking that occurred, and how many objects were moved during the burglary. Typically about one hour.


Crime Scene Supervisor Willard Delancy
Phone: 305-474-1521
Email: [email protected]
Address: 18611 NW 27 Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33056