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Criminal Investigations Division


The Investigations Division is made up of the Special Investigation Section and the Criminal Investigations Section. Investigative units that comprise the Miami Gardens Police Department's Investigations Division are responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed against persons or property in the City of Miami Gardens, which require a degree of specialization or a centralized investigative approach. The Investigations Division's objective is to reduce violent crime and the rate of property crime within the City of Miami Gardens. Within the Investigations Division, the following units work pro-actively to identify crime trends and reduce crime: Homicide Unit, Special Victims Unit, Violent Crimes Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Auto Theft/Economic Crimes Unit and Street Crimes and Career Criminal Squads. The Division also includes the Crime Scene Investigations and Victim Advocate Units.

Division Sections

Criminal Investigations Section

The Criminal Investigations Section includes investigative units that conduct the follow up investigation of criminal cases.

Special Investigations Section

The Special Investigations Section is comprised of units that conduct proactive investigations, and have investigators attached to our Federal Law Enforcement partners.


Julie-Ann Smith, Investigative Assistant
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